Wow, guys… just wow. We haven’t blogged a wedding since February! Eeeek! Why!?! Okay, I’m stepping out of my shame spiral over how far behind I am on websitey stuff so I can tell you all about this awesome adventure we went on with our friends Marcie and Ryell. Marcie’s big brother has been a […]

Jillian and Cory were a breath of fresh air in an otherwise boring week of constant editing and toiling away at the computer. It was a delight to hop in the car and meet these two at the beginning of what would be a weekend stay for the two of them at McMenamins’ Edgefield. McMenamins’ […]

Per usual when Tim puts me in charge of remembering our calendar, we showed up an hour early for Jen and Ian’s session. It gave us a little time to scout out the spot they chose and also to enjoy the beautiful skyline of my beloved home city. I grew up in a much crappier […]

Jenna and Chris are easy to love. Jenna is vivacious and she helps Chris stay a kid at heart. This wedding was a record breaker for snowball fights. Okay, so we’ve never shot a wedding with a snowball fight so any amount would have broken the record- but they shattered it with not one, but […]

Kaitlyn and Grant are two young, in love souls who have decided to go the minimalist route for their wedding celebration. We love that their main goal in getting married is to celebrate their love for one another in the presence of their closest loved ones. As wedding industry professionals, it’s easy to forget that […]

Emily and Keifer are two people we feel very lucky to have been able to meet and work with. Not only was their wedding day a dream photographically, they were both a blast to work with and had that special something we love to see in couples: a true depth of knowledge about one another […]

Dear Jamie and Nick,  Your wedding was full of love and friendship, and we feel so lucky to be able to help you create these memories. Thanks for trusting us.  XO, Caitlin + Tim Our first in person experience with Jamie and Nick was their engagement session which just so happened to be on the […]

Dear Erica and Cliff,   We loved your wedding so much, and are so glad you did exactly what you wanted to celebrate. Your wedding made us feel really grateful to do what we do.   Love,    The Gallivans  ____ Erica and Cliff are PNW locals with mid-western hearts of gold. I don’t think we’ve […]

Megan and Garret are those kind of clients that we love: immediately endearing, a little nerdy and, most of all, hopelessly in love. We immediately connected with these two when we shot their engagement session. Over drinks afterward, we learned so much about how this couple has supported one another through good times and bad. […]

Well, we’ve officially been wedding photographers for five years (although this depends on who you ask — I say six since I count our very first year shooting friends’ weddings — Tim being a more conservative counter says five). This year has by far, been our favorite. I still remember one year ago setting a goal to shoot out […]