Caitlin and Mac’s Lewis and Clark College Wedding

November 5, 2018

Caitlin and Mac are nature loving, dog loving and fun loving folks. We loved shooting their rehearsal and wedding not only because it was beautiful, but because we felt like we had so much in common with them. Caitlin, like Tim is from the East Coast and their wedding definitely had some East Coast vibes in its formality and the choice of a live band over a DJ. Mac is creative and entreprenuerial like me. Caitlin is even starting her first year teaching at my old high school in Milwaukee, Oregon. Not to mention their love of dogs and animals of all kinds. We were definitely birds of a feather.

Caitlin and Mac created a wedding day in Mac’s hometown of Portland, Oregon. It was full of heartfelt sentiments, love of family and memorable moments. We loved watching each event unfold. A rarity for us was covering the after party which got pretty raucous and made us love Caitlin and Mac and all of their friends even more. Tim and I were laughing and crying all day long and left with smiles on our faces.

This was our first even at Lewis and Clark College, and although I grew up in Portland, I had never been there. The campus was GORGEOUS. I mean, wow. It made sense that Caitlin would choose it as an educator, and I honestly can’t imagine a more perfect spot for their wedding. The campus is full of historical architecture and beautifully landscaped grounds. We toured around for about an hour ahead of the wedding and found surprises at every turn. Cannot wait to go back there.

Part 1: Rehearsal Cruise on Portland Spirit 

Part 2: Wedding at Lewis and Clark College: Portland, Oregon

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Planner – Bon Soiree, Molli Barss

Catering – Vibrant Table

Florist – Fieldwork Flowers

Hair and make up – Kaleigh and Rhiannon at Tiger Tiger Salon

Rentals – West Coast Event Rentals 

Band – Pressure Point