Tim and I have been shooting weddings together for 9 years now. Wait, how is that possible? The answer is, because it's the best job ever, and we LOVE working together. Some people question our sanity in spending as much time together as we do, but the truth is, we're better together. 

Tim is the details guy, while I am the people person. Put the two together, and you've got a couple of photographers who are able to give you a great collection of wedding photos while creating a comfortable and fun experience. 

I'm Caitlin. I'm a bit of a dreamer, with a good balance of couch potato in there too. I'm a new mom, which still sounds weird to say. I dabble in woodworking and love a good murder mystery. 

As a photographer, I am a big dork and find it hard to keep from squealing with glee when I get a shot that truly represents the love in front of me. I love this job, and love getting to know our couple's and their families. 

I'm Tim. Most people know me as a quiet guy. Caitlin says I'm funny, and that makes me happy. My son can't talk yet but he laughs at my jokes too. I'm a podcast junkie, film lover, and board gamer. I'm fueled by good coffee, cheap wine, and sugary baked goods. 
I love that this job allows me to share in the concentrated dose of joy that is a wedding day. Maybe I'm a sap, but I walk away from every wedding feeling so happy that two more souls have found their mates. 

the photogs behind the lens

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We're so honored to have been published in a number of places — in print and online. We're incredibly grateful for the couples who place their trust in us, and for all the other vendors who bring these weddings to life with their amazing skillsets. It truly takes a community to make a wedding happen!