Jillian and Cory: Engaged at McMenamins Edgefield

July 17, 2018

Jillian and Cory were a breath of fresh air in an otherwise boring week of constant editing and toiling away at the computer. It was a delight to hop in the car and meet these two at the beginning of what would be a weekend stay for the two of them at McMenamins’ Edgefield. McMenamins’ is always a fun Oregon experience- history, design and good beer all come together to create not only a fun place to hang out- but a fun place to take photos too. Jillian and Cory both live busy work lives, but make time to go on weekend adventures together. It’s something I wish Tim and I were a little bit better at, hopefully someday.

Looking at these photos, you can see the true joy these two have in being together. They make each other laugh with ease, have their love of beer and dogs in common and make new friends (ahem, us) with ease. We laughed really hard at this session, and so, here you have a lot of giggly photos. Enjoy!

Congrats to Jillian and Cory! We can’t wait for your wedding!