Marcie and Ryell’s Kauai Wedding Part 1: Luau Rehearsal Party

September 10, 2018

Wow, guys… just wow. We haven’t blogged a wedding since February! Eeeek! Why!?! Okay, I’m stepping out of my shame spiral over how far behind I am on websitey stuff so I can tell you all about this awesome adventure we went on with our friends Marcie and Ryell. Marcie’s big brother has been a friend of ours for years, and we’ve known and loved Marcie just as long. We were so honored when she and her fiance Ryell asked us to shoot their wedding on Kauai. Neither Tim or I had been there before, so it was sure to be a fun and memorable adventure!

The first installment of this wedding weekend was the luau rehearsal at the Smiths Family Garden. The beautiful grounds  created such a fun environment to welcome Marcie and Ryell’s guests to a truly unique and special experience. If you look closely you can see Marcie being her usual fun-loving self, and Ryell being the ultimate host, making sure everyone stayed dry and felt welcome and taken care of.

We hope you enjoy part 1! Part 2 is still to come!

The Smith’s Garden Luau is such a beautiful place to welcome guests on Kauai!