Kaitlyn and Grant got married on a foggy and somewhat mystical day at Skyliner Lodge in Bend, Oregon. When we first met Kaitlyn and Grant we were immediately put at ease by their down-to-earth and honest natures. They both work hard to support one another in their dreams and have a love for the simple […]

Black Butte Ranch Wedding Photographers – Black Butte Wedding Photography Team – Black Butte Weddings Chelsea and Jesse are both thoroughly delightful people to be around. They have a light hearted cuteness that we’ve never seen before. When it came time for their day, they made an effort to create a beautiful and memorable event for […]

Steph and Scott’s Broken Top Club wedding was a really special day for everyone involved. Scott and Steph met while working together at Columbia Sportswear and have been adventuring together ever since. If I had to guess the family motto for these two, it would be “have as much fun as you can and don’t […]

Bend Oregon Wedding Photographers – New England Wedding Photographers – Kauai wedding Photographers I’m writing this blog post after a trip to Summer Lake Hotsprings. Tim took me there for my 32nd birthday. It was the perfect time to rest and reflect on how lucky we are to live this life together. I say it […]

Laura and Daniel are pretty special to us. I almost fell over when I heard my name during the ceremony as one of the people who encouraged Laura to continue her long distance romance with Daniel while he was away for a new job. Laura and I worked together as Americorps members (way way back […]

Oregon Wedding Photographers – Bend Oregon Photography Team Tessa and Dylan are two adventurers who love the chance to get out of town to explore what the Pacific Northwest has to offer. If you want to check out their adventures, they are @califoregonia on Instagram. We loved working with these two, not only because they […]

Bend Wedding Photographer – Oregon Wedding Photography team   Steph and Kyle are two of the cutest people we’ve had the pleasure of FaceTiming. Fellow photographers definitely know what I am talking about. Some couples just seem to “click”. When we met Steph and Kyle we knew that they were going to be awesome clients […]

Caitlin and Mac are nature loving, dog loving and fun loving folks. We loved shooting their rehearsal and wedding not only because it was beautiful, but because we felt like we had so much in common with them. Caitlin, like Tim is from the East Coast and their wedding definitely had some East Coast vibes […]

Vermont Wedding Photography – New England Wedding Photographer – Lake Bomoseen Wedding Photographer Derek and Lily got married on a beautiful summer day in Vermont. The sun was shining on them that day, and their family and friends were there to share all the joy of their union. Derek is the younger brother of Tim’s […]

Sunriver Resort Wedding Photographer – Bend, Oregon Wedding Photography – Central Oregon Wedding Photography Danielle and Teagan are the kind of people you meet and think “man, they are perfect for each other.” These two compliment each other so well, you’d think they’d already been married for 40 years. Danielle and Teagan brought together the […]