Colleen and Dylan’s Juniper Preserve Wedding

January 10, 2023

Trying to get married during COVID isn’t for the faint hearted. Colleen and Dylan had planned to get married in summer of 2020, but had to reschedule to 2021. The best part of that for us was getting extra time to get to know them. I (Caitlin) especially loved getting to know Colleen who is one of the warmest brides I’ve ever worked with. Over the 2 years of planning we got to talk about so many things, family, social justice and life in her beautiful hometown of New Orleans- a place I’ve never been to, but have always wanted to visit.

By the time this blog post comes out, Colleen and Dylan will have become parents, and it’s been really fun following their journey into parenthood. It’s by far our favorite part of this job to be able to cheer on our couples as they go on new adventures together in life.

Now for the deets of this wedding, which was SO BEAUTIFUL. Colleen and Dylan were married at Pronghorn Resort which is famous for its cave, where they decided to have their ceremony. It was so beautiful! Summer Robbins Flowers went above and beyond to make their floral dreams come true and it was STUNNING.

The reception was held on the clubhouse lawn under the most beautiful tent! Every detail of this wedding was flawless- including Colleen’s bridal look which I am still obsessed with to this day.

We hope you enjoy this little look at a very special, long-awaited day for Colleen and Dylan.


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Summer Robbins Flowers | Illuminate Your night

Pronghorn Resort's Event Island. It sits in the middle of a large pond that is surrounded by a golf course. The backdrop is a stunning mountain range, Broken Top, Mt. Bachelor and The Three Sisters.
white floral bouquet, laying on a sun hat that says "Mrs. Parfait"
The bride with long brown hair, sitting in a chair getting her hair done. She us wearing a matching white PJ set.
the groom getting ready for his day, as he smiles and buttons his shirt.
pink velvet ring box with the letter "P" in gold, sitting on top of save the dates and wedding invites.
The groomsmen all standing around smiling with their black suites on.
The groom getting ready, fixing his tie and vest.
bridesmaids and the bride all in ropes sitting with each other.
the bride standing in her dress while her mom helps her button it. The dress has buttons that go all the way down to the floor.
a beautiful lace wedding gown being buttoned by mom
Gentlemen sitting down in his suite while ready a letter
the bride sitting down, the light from the window is hitting her perfectly, lighting up only her and leaving the room dark. She is holding her bridal bouquet.
bride showing off her complete look to her bridesmaids. They are all smiling at her.
dad, mom, and daughter. Dad is holding his daughter's hand, as she stands in her wedding dress.
Bride looking over her shoulder, while wearing her lace wedding dress and holding her bouquet.
groom standing in a cave, where his ceremony is taking place. He has his arm folded and he is waiting for his soon to be wife.
Bride walking down the aisle with her dad. The guests are standing watching. them walk down
brides' eye view of the ceremony location. Pronghorn Resort's Cave.
bride and groom holding hands, behind them is their officiant and a stunning line of florals and greenery that stand tall.
up close of the couple holding hands.
bride laughing while she hold the grooms hands.
all of their guests watching as they get married, sharing a laugh.
the couple looking deeply into each others eyes, while the officiant speaks to them
the bridesmaids all sitting down, sharing the moment with each other.
the bride looking into the grooms eyes sharing a laugh, with a warm smile.
the groom looks into the bride's eyes, smiling and holding her hands.
the grooming looking into her eyes while he puts a ring on her finger
the perfect kiss, as he holds her tight and leans over
the couple walking down the aisle together with their arms locked, and the biggest smiles on their faces.
bride and groom walking in front of their bridal party.
the couple standing in a cave with a floral install coming up from the ground.
the bridesmaids in long flow-y dresses holding their bouquets and the bride is in the middle of them
the groomsmen all lined up in front of a cave.
Bride is holding hands with her maid of honor while the other bridesmaids walk behind them.
all the bridesmaids and the bride are lined up.
the couple holding hands staring off into the distance.
bride looking at her man with a big smile on, perfect candid shot
groom holding the bride's arms from behind, as he looks down at her, her head is slightly turned.
the smiling white her groom holds her
holding hands while walking in a grassy field
wedding welcome sign that is acrylic and has flowers on it.
birds-eye view of the table, gold charger, white napkins with a square hold and a menu on top of it
couple signing their marriage certificate, leaning in with their heads touching
the bride showing off her dress to her groom
bride and groom walking into their wedding reception, behind them, a golf cart that says "Mr. & Mrs. Parfait"
the couple first dance, sharing a beautiful moment on the dance floor holding each other
the couple walking with Pronghorn Resort, a stunning Tuscan like villa set behind them.
the couple with their back towards us staring at the Mountains
the couple holding each other close, nose to nose, almost kidding
the couple standing in a grassy field taking sunset photos
up close of the bride and groom looking at each other
the couple sitting on a Tuscan like bridge, while kissing and a adult swan is swimming by
The bride standing in a grassy field with her dress train completely laid out
The bride taking portrait shots
Up close of the wedding dress. stunning mesh sleeves with lace around the arms with a deep V cut.
mom and dad holding a microphone giving a speech
The couple under a tent, holding champagne glasses
the couple dancing on the dance floor, under a tent that has bistro lighting.
bride and groom holding each other while dancing
mother and son dance
the bride smiling,  and holding her hands together while she watchings her husband dance with his mother
A bunch of mini cupcakes with an "All You Need Is Love" sign.
the bride and groom cutting into their two tired cake with a bunch of mini cupcakes around the wedding cake.
couple holding a crystal champagne glasses up with one arm around each other
bride on the dance floor dancing with a little boy
the dance floor is full of people, but the bride and groom are just looking at each other while everyone else dances around them
the bride kissing her husband on the check
dance party, all the guests having a good time
bridesmaids dancing the night away
bride dancing with her maid of honor, bumping with hips together, laughing.
A groomsmen dancing with his baby
bride and groom walking through silver confetti string
bride and groom holding their drinks their guests throw confetti at them