Hannah and Luke’s Black Butte Ranch Wedding

June 9, 2022

Do you ever walk into a room and immediately feel a warmth that you can’t quite put your finger on? That’s what this whole day felt like for me and Tim. Hannah and Luke are good people, and so are the people who surrounded them with love on their day. Every moment from getting ready to the super fun dance party was infused with lightness, love and warmth — and that’s why this wedding will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Hannah and Luke were married on a beautiful Central Oregon summer day at Black Butte Ranch in Sisters, Oregon. While all the details were flawless and beautiful, they faded into the background as smiles, laughter and so so many hugs filled your field of vision. Hannah and Luke love to laugh together and truly enjoyed every moment of the day they created.

Looking back on this one definitely makes me feel that warmth again — hopefully, you feel it too when you look through their day.


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Mountain and lake views from Black Butte Ranch
White, lacy wedding dress hanging with a wooden wall as the backdrop
open toe heels, with the bridal bouquet
bride and her 8 bridesmaids in robes all-dancing.
Mother of the bride helping the bride put her dress on.
Bride showing off her dress to mother of bride and a bridesmaid
Mother of the bride helping the bride put on her shoes.
Bride sitting down looking out the window, holding her bouquet.
Bride smiling while holding her bouquet.
bridesmaids all looking at the bride
bride and the bridesmaids having a drink
bride and her dad, bride is resting her head on his shoulder.
groom and his groomsmen all laughing.
groomsmen standing in line at the ceremony
Bride walking down the aisle with her mom and dad
bride and groom standing at the arbor with the officiant
Portrait of mother of the bride
up close of bride and the groom holding hands
bride and groom at their ceremony
bride putting a ring on the groom
Bride and groom kissing under the arbor.
groom holding his hand up in the air saying "YEAH!" while he holds his bride.
couple holding hands walking back down the aisle together
groom dipping the bride and kissing her at the ceremony.
bride and groom laughing and holding each other.
Bride and groom holding champagne glasses
A sign that says "Cheers" with champagne glasses
bride and groom with aspen trees behind them and a lake
groom fixing the bride's hair
Bride and groom portrait
Bride and groom with full bridal party
bride and groom kissing while the bridal party cheers around them
all the groomsmen in a line outside on the grass
bride and bridesmaids in tall grass
the groomsmen carrying the groom
the bride standing outside with a big smile on
bride and groom walking into cocktail hour together
Bride and groom at their sweetheart table holding up drinks
bride and groom sitting down looking at their guests
father of the bride giving a speech
the best man standing with his hand on the grooms shoulder giving a speech
three-tiered wedding cake. The bride and groom are feeding each other a bite.
bride wiping cake off the groom's face
bride and groom dancing
bride and groom outside dancing while their guests watch
bride watching the groom dance with his mom.
bride and all their guests dancing on the deck
couple on the dance floor
little girl being thrown in the air while dancing
two little girls dancing on the dance floor
a couple sitting on a couch, he is kissing her cheek
bride dancing with her grandma
little boy laying on the couch
portrait of mom and mother of the bride
bride, groom and two others taking a ski shot
the groom dancing
the bride dancing with everyone around her
bride and mom hugging each other
bride and groom slow dancing
blurry photo of the bride and groom holding hands with the sun behind them
bride and groom taking sunset photos
Bride and groom portrait outside with the sunset behind them
Bride and groom portrait , the groom holding the bride
bride and groom walking away holding hands
bride and groom walking towards us holding hands, looking at each other
bride and groom walking with each other
couple walking in tall grass looking each other, the groom is holding the bride's dress
bride and groom touching their noses.
bride and groom slow dancing in a field with a mountain view behind them
Perfect mountain view while the couple is taking photos
bride and groom walking with each other holding hands
the groom and bride dance funny in the field
groom holding the bride from behind they are both laughing
bride and groom walking down, groom is holding the brides bouquet
bride and groom looking into each others eyes
bridesmaid dancing with a little boy
bride is laughing
bridesmaid dancing on the dance floor
bridesmaid pointing out into the crowd, signing
groomsmen doing an air guitar
two bridesmaid jumping up to catch the bridal bouquet
two bridesmaids on the floor laughing
a kid doing a spilt
bistro lights with the outline of the mountain


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