Marley and Tim’s Brasada Ranch Wedding

May 11, 2022

Marley and Tim are the kind of people you want to keep forever. Sadly these two jetted off to Tim’s native Australia before I could make this dream a reality. In any case, we loved them, we loved their wedding, and we loved the team that brought it all together. This wedding was definitely a highlight of the 2021 season. The colors, the florals, the light at Brasada Ranch that day. Gah. It’s incredibly rare to get a cloudy ceremony and beautiful sunlit golden hour. IT DOESN’T HAPPEN. I like to think the universe had plans to make up for COVID rescheduling their wedding twice.

Marley and Tim are both introverts, and it will come as no surprise to you, when you see the photos, that they are absolutely adorable together. My favorite moment of the day was the first look because it was the sweetest first look I’ve ever shot. Tim barely said a word, his face said everything. He was happy to be marrying Marley.

The day was intimate, beautiful, and heartfelt. A winning combo. Every single detail of this wedding was flawless! It’s one of those galleries we will keep coming back to.

Congratulations to Marley and Tim. Thank you for trusting us with your day!


The Indigo Bride // Brasada Ranch // Summer Robbins Flowers

Illuminate Your Night // Heirlooms & Co. // Curated Events // Crumb Cakery

K and Co Bridal and Hair Styling // Kaelin McDowell Beauty

The Barn Venue at Brasada Ranch, blue skies with only small clouds. The perfect fall morning.
wedding invitation suite for a Brasada Ranch wedding surrounded by decorative leaves and berries
A stunning white, sleeved wedding dress hung on a wooden bookcase. Sitting inside the bookcase are large pieces of firewood.
Wedding Dress is from Sarah Seven
A detailed shot of the bridal accessories including closed-toed heels, diamond wedding ring along with gold wedding bands, colorful florals and a portion of the wedding dress.
Grooming getting ready for his wedding day. He has a big smile on while tying his bowtie.
The groom looking down at his cufflinks making sure they are secured. He is wearing a suit with a collard shirt and bowtie.
The bride with a beautiful smile while putting on her earrings.
Mother of the bride buttons up the back of the bride’s sleeved wedding dress
Mother of the bride buttoning the top of the bride's wedding dress.
The bride looking at her self in the mirror while her mother buttons up her dress.
The bridesmaids all in velvet dresses looking at the bride and smiling
The bride sitting on a leather bench, looking out the window with her legs crossed. Her wedding dress has a classy slit so you can see her legs, and her stunning close-toes heels!
Time for the first look! The groom is waiting for his bride to tap him on the shoulder. The bride starts to walk up behind the groom.
The groom turns around and starts to cry, his hand is over his mouth while his stunning bride stands in front of him.
The bride and groom are hugging.
Groom kissing bride on the check. The bride is smiling while she holds her bouquet.
Bride and groom share a laugh while they walk through the bushes
The bride smiling
Bride and groom standing under a rustic bridge, looking into each other's eyes.
Bride and groom kissing under the wooden bridge  at Brasada Ranch.
Bride and groom walking through dried bushes while holding hands looking at each other.
brass arbor adorned with wispy pampas grass, dried ferns, and warm florals. Set in front of a small pond, with a rustic bridge and barn in the background.
Guests standing around in their jackets, suits, and bowties. Talking with each other while they wait for the ceremony to start
Guests laughing with drinks in their hands.
A women guitarist, sitting in a chair playing music while for the ceremony.
Bride and groom standing at the arbor with their officiant. The bridesmaid of honor is walking away with her bridal bouquet. The ceremony has started.
The bride and groom holding hands at the arbor while the officiant stands in front of them. Their guests are all sitting down watching them.
The bride read her vows to the groom. The groom is looking at her smiling.
The bride and officiant both watching the groom while he reads his vows to the bride.
The bride crying and wiping away tears while she listens to the grooms vows to her.
The bride is putting on the groom's wedding ring in front of the arbor.
The bride, groom and officiant sharing a laugh at the arbor while the bride and groom hold hands.
The bride and groom kiss at the arbor, and they are officially married!
A large floral install hanging in the Brasasa wedding venue above farm tables with black bentwood chairs.
Farm tables are set with velvet pink napkins draped over the table sitting between the dinner and salad plate. Tall black taper candles with a glass chimney around them, in between each candles sits a small bud vase.
a large brick fireplace covered in tons of florals and pampas grass. In front of the fireplace are two modern-looking chairs, and a coffee table made out of the base of a tree with tapered candles on it.
The place setting for guests. A velvet napkin sits between a dinner and salad plate. On top of the salad plate sits a dinner menu and a name card.
Guests talking with each other during cocktail hour
Stunning sunset photos. The bride and groom are kissing in a field surrounded by dried bushes. Behind them is open farm land and the sunsetting.
Bride and groom holding each other
bride and groom laughing with each other
the bride staring out into the field with a big smile on, as she hold her floral bouquet and the sun is setting behind her.
the bride and groom standing side by side hold hands looking into the camera
A stunning black and white photo, the bride and groom on holding hands staring into the distance. While Brasada Ranch and the rustic wood bride sit behind them. Above the couple is half a moon.
The bride holding her dress with one hand and her bridal boutique in the other with a big smile!
The bride standing the high dessert looking out into the distance
The bride and groom standing on a long wooden bridge holding hands with a serious faces on
The bride and groom walk along a long, wooden, rustic bridge laughing.
The bride looking into the camera, standing sideways hold her bouquet standing on a bridge.
bridal bouquet with fresh florals and dried ferns.
The groom standing alone on the wooden bridge with his hands in his pocket smiling.
the bride and groom walking into the wedding reception hold hands, smiling and waving at their guests.
Mother of the bride gives a speech. She stands in front of the lit fireplace with the stunning floral installation on it. She is laughing as she holds the microphone and her paper.
Guests have a drink and their hands and are laughing while the mother of the bride tells a funny story
Mother of the bride standing next to a cut out of her and the father of the bride.
The bride and groom are sitting at their table laughing. Behind them you see string of bistro lights.
father and mother of the groom standing in front of the fireplace giving a speech.
Action shot of the bride and groom laughing
The bride and groom sitting at their dinner table, surrounded by guests, all laughing.
The bride standing up giving a speech, laughing.
The groom sitting at the table holds up the peace sign, laughing while his wife is giving a speech.
The groom standing in front of the fireplace giving a speech.
bride and groom on the dance floor having fun
bridesmaid holding a polaroid camera, taking a photo the bride
The bride holding a drink, laughing while on the dance floor