Emily and Jesse’s Wedding at Tin Roof Barn

May 6, 2022

Emily + Jesse were married on a beautiful summer day at Tin Roof Barn . When we met Jesse and Emily for the first time we knew instantly we’d love working with them. They are so welcoming and easy to talk to (which is always something I hope people feel about us!). When the day came for their wedding, we know it would be a fun day, and it didn’t disappoint! I think some of my favorite dance floor memories of my career were made at this wedding. I literally couldn’t decide on who to shoot at any given moment – there was too much good stuff happening.

Emily kept me laughing the entire day, which felt like a total role reversal as I’m usually trying to do the same for my brides. When we drove off that evening to head to our hotel, I told Tim… “she’s just the best,” and he agreed.

Hope you enjoy the classic bridal style of this wedding along with the chic cottage vibes in the decor. I took entirely too many photos of the inside of the barn because it was really beautiful in there, and I couldn’t stop. Needless to say, we would be very happy to work at Tin Roof Barn again.


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A large, brown, wooden barn with trees and bushes in front of it.
Long sleeveless wedding dress hanging on a hanger with a cute white bow
Bride's bouquet with roses and ferns
Bride getting her hair and makeup down. Sitting in a room looking at herself in a mirror while the hairstylist does her hair
Mother of the bride helping the bride get into her dress. The bride has floral tattoos on both her arms
Bride putting her earrings on, staring out of the window.
Bride sitting on a vintage bench while putting on her open-toed bridal shoes
Bride sitting on a bench with her small dog, who is wearing black sunglasses and a tux vest
The bride all ready for her big day, staring out of the window while holding her florals wearing her wedding dress.
The groom looking the mirror while he gets ready, fixing is collard shirt
the groom and his father hugging
Groom buttoning up his suit jacket with a big smile on.
The wedding invitation suite invites guests to join the couple at Tin Roof Barn surrounded by ferns, and the wedding rings in the middle.
The bride and her father with locked arms walk down the stunning aisle that has natural flowers lining it.
The groom and his groomsmen all smiling as they watch the bride come down the aisle.
The bride and her father reach the top of the aisle, all of the guests are standing and watching them.
The bride watches the groom as he reads his vows. Their arbor is covered in ferns and fresh roses.
Three bridesmaids wearing black dresses that are all different styles, holding their colorful florals.
The whole bridal party, three bridesmaids and three groomsmen, bride and groom and the officiant laughing during the ceremony.
The groom putting on his bride's wedding ring.
Father and mother of the bride cry tears of joy for their daughter.
The bride and groom hugging and kissing each other under their floral arbor.
Bride and groom looking at each other smiling as they walk together down the aisle.
The bride and groom walk away towards the Mountains, arms locked together.
The bride and groom kissing each other while they sign their marriage License.
The bridal party walking in an open field. Bride and groom leading the pack while they hold hands and look at each other
the bridal party lines up, girls holding their floral bouquets as the guys hold a beer.
The groomsmen standing in an open field saying "cheers" with their beers
The bride and her bridesmaids are standing close to each other.
The bride and her three bridesmaids standing apart in a grassy field looking at each other smiling.
The groom looks at his bride smiling while the bride is laughing.
The bride and groom look into the camera with big smiles on.
The couple looking serious, looking into the camera.
The couple looking at each other with big smiles.
A portrait of the groom
a up close look at a boutonniere
zoomed out photo of a rustic barn set for a wedding reception
A wedding reception set in a rustic barn, with farm tables and a mix of different wooden chairs.
Three large chandeliers hanging in a large barn with bistro lights
An antique wooden table set for the couple, always known as a sweetheart table. The bride's bouquet sits in the middle of the table.
Wine barrels coming out of a wall with pourers coming out of them to pour wine.
The couple entering their wedding reception with drinks in their hands
The couple standing in from of their guests with a microphone saying thank you to everyone who has come to celebrate with them.
Family members sitting at their tables looking at the couple.
The couple sitting at their table holding up and cheering with a glass of beer and  Champagne.
guests seating chart, next to a wine barrel that has florals on top of it.
A white four-tier wedding cake, with groupings of florals on the top and bottom tier.
the couple standing in the middle of the dance floor kissing while their guests are sitting.
A black and white photo of the bride and groom sharing a first dance together.
a large rug is being used as the dance floor in this rustic barn
headed out for sunset photos, groom is holding the bride's bouquet.
She is wearing a leather jacket and sneakers while making a funny face
dancing her way into the field
Black leather jacket with Mrs. Petty written on the back
She is holding her wedding dress with one hand and looking at her flowers, it looks like she is dancing.
Holding hand while walking together
bride standing alone looking off to the side
walking with together towards the camera while looking down and hold hands.
Sitting in a large tree with leaves all around the bride
The couple using the tree as the perfect backdrop
The Tin Roof barn all lit up for the wedding reception. You can see all the chandeliers hanging and the lights lit up in the dark.
The bride dancing with her lather jacket in with her guests all around her.
Mother of the bride and bridesmaid dancing together while everyone else watches and signs along.
The bride waves her dress around while the night comes to an end.