Sparks Lake – Shawn & Sky’s day-after wedding portraits

January 25, 2017

Shawn and Sky felt like old friends by the time their day-after session rolled around. Full disclosure: it wasn’t the day after. It was a few weeks after. Shawn got off work just in time to get her hair and makeup done then met Sky, Tim and I up at Sparks Lake for some wine and photos. We love day-after sessions for so many reasons. The couple is relaxed, we get to choose what time we shoot, we get to go to a rad location and on and on and on…

It’s a fun few hours to chat all about our favorite memories from their day, and make some new ones too. Two birds.

We’re so darn happy for these lovers. We know they are headed for a long and happy life together.


Hands down, this was the best part of the whole darn thing. Sky REAAAAALLY wanted to stand up in the canoe, swear to god, they seriously almost fell in. It was SOOOO close. Note to self: don’t stand up in the canoe until the end of the shoot.


Safely on shore we were able to get some up closey pics, which are my favorite. Tim is great at incorporating the landscape, whereas I just want to get all up in there and make people laugh.



We’re big into adventures. Whether our clients want to hike Fort Rock, bask in the desert sun , climb down into a waterfall, or head to the Oregon Coast, we’re into it.

Planning an adventure takes imagination, preparation and a little luck. The sky is the limit in Oregon for wedding portraits, so we encourage our clients to think big. When Tim and I first met, all we ever did was hike, now we feel lucky to get to go on adventures with such special people at the beginning of their journeys, cameras in hand.



  1. Susan Rudisill says:

    Oh aren’t they sweet? Wonderful moments and lovely pictures!!!!

  2. Gabrielle West says:

    Wow beautiful,  love the water reflection shots.