Megan & Garrett’s Smith Rock Engagement Session

January 30, 2017

Wedding Photographer Bend Oregon, Smith Rock

Megan and Garret are getting married in Hood River, Oregon, but wanted a Central Oregon engagement session bad enough to drive to us from their home in Portland just days after our epic snow storm ended. They were brave enough to face the roads, so we knew we had to bring our A-game to their session.

Lucky for us, Megan and Garret were up for whatever we threw at them. We hiked, ran and jumped. It was actually one of the most fun sessions we’ve ever had. Tim even tried his hand at freelensing. I think he nailed it.

Megan and Garret are both hard workers who have made a commitment to finding time for one another. Their relationship is playful, funny and conscientious. We’re so excited to go on this adventure with them!



I love this series. We asked them to look all serene, but they couldn’t hold it for long. I must say, I’m actually a bad influence in these kinds of situations… The first thing I want to do when people look serious is say something weird or try to be funny. I can’t take credit for this situation though. Garret’s sense of humor far eclipsed mine.


The shot above was taken by Tim who had to lay stomach down in the snow. Tim has notoriously bad circulation and gets cold super easily, but he never seems to when he’s shooting. I guess he just really loves taking photos.


Aaaaaand then we asked them to run in slow motion. New rule: everyone runs in slow motion at our shoots now.

We ended this shoot with apps and drinks at The Terrebonne Depot where we got even more time with these incredible people. We’re so excited for you Megan and Garret! GETTING MARRIED IS GONNA BE SO FUN!

Smith Rock has stolen our hearts, Tim and I got married there in September (PS, that shiz was featured in Wedventure Mag eeeeek!)  We’re lookin’ forward to many shoots there in 2017 and 2018!