Kaitlyn + Grant’s Camp Sherman engagement session

March 27, 2018

Kaitlyn and Grant are two young, in love souls who have decided to go the minimalist route for their wedding celebration. We love that their main goal in getting married is to celebrate their love for one another in the presence of their closest loved ones. As wedding industry professionals, it’s easy to forget that weddings are not about florals, gowns or perfect place settings. We love the art that is made for wedding celebrations, but at the heart of it, weddings are about people.

It’s great to know that what we are putting out into the world is attracting people like Kaitlyn and Grant who have their feet so firmly planted on the ground. As a couple they are focused, intentional and on the same page in life. Kaitlyn is a designer, dreamer and baker, and Grant is an earnest and sweet partner who encourages Kaitlyn to dream big. They both love to travel which is no surprise. Their lives are focused on having great experiences together.
We feel incredibly lucky to have met these two. Can’t wait for what promises to be a very special day.