Lauren + Kip’s Smith Rock Engagement Session

September 19, 2017

Lauren and Kip have to be two of the funniest people we’ve ever worked with. Kip especially, is unabashedly himself and keeps Lauren laughing, which is probably why they have chosen to spend the rest of their lives together.

We had planned on heading up to the McKenzie area with them, but we were thwarted by closed roads. We made the decision at a Subway in Sisters to change course to Smith Rock. Okay, so being real here. We have mixed feelings about this location- we got married there- so obviously we love it. On the other hand, after being in this biz for 6 years, we’ve shot there A LOT, and so has everyone else. One thing we’ve embraced more and more as artists this last year is this fact: the location is not important anymore. What is important is the people. It shouldn’t matter if you’ve shot that location a hundred times, the people you’re working with are different, and they are what matter. Bringing out something true and honest about each couple is what we live for, and I see so much of Kip and Lauren in these photos.
Of course, Smith is so beautiful in the background, but really, all I see is them. Two people who love each other, make each other laugh and care for each other each and every day. This an exciting time for Kip and Lauren. They are about to be married in just 4 days, and although they have chosen a beautiful venue, I know it will be the two of them we are paying attention to on their day.