Holly and Dave’s Abiqua Falls Elopement

July 18, 2017

Okay so life was, in general, good… we were enjoying a lovely evening at home drinking some wine, chatting- you know, married couple stuff.

Then, an email landed in our box from a couple of Washington D.C. adventurers. They were gonna elope at Abiqua Falls, and they wanted us to shoot it. Holly and Dave made our day, and we didn’t even know them yet. Fast forward to a few months later, we were following Holly and Dave down the long and rough road to the falls. We’d shot there before, so we knew we were in for a scramble on the trail. Holly and Dave were prepared with gardening gloves to keep their hands clean and an expertly packed suitcase that kept Holly’s dress wrinkle free all the way down.

Holly and Dave love beautiful things. They love photography, nature and the human experience. They are artists too, so basically, we were a great fit. They decided to get married in Oregon for the adventure, the photos and the memories. Later, they celebrated, epic photos in hand, in D.C. with their family and friends. Their vows will always be a private affair, although we could see the magic on their faces, the rushing water made it impossible to hear what passed between them.

We’re looking back on these photos now, and remembering a really fun afternoon with two people who  are on the same page in life. It’s safe to say we’ll be following their adventures from this moment on.

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